Good day Managers!

I want to become part of your growing team.

Name : Mark Joseph Rose

Age : 19 years old

Location : San Mateo, Rizal

Device to be used : Android

I am one of those who aspire to be your scholar. I want to be a scholar so that I can support my family financially. I also want to save money on the bill that my parents are considering. I was eager to learn the game's mechanics by watching videos and streams. You can rely on me, and I will never let you down. I've already had a lot of experience with online games such as Mobile Legends, League of Legends, and Valorant and also Dragon City thay have a little similarly to the Axie.

I'm also easy to teach and willing to put in the effort to practice the game until I'm comfortable with it. I, too, do not give up easily. One of the game's keys is decision making, which I'll be able to use once I'm able to grind.

Because of my mentality, I am one of those who deserves to be chosen. I know what I'm doing when it comes to gaming. I understand what a scholar's mindset should be. Knows how to treat others with respect and understands the value of time. You can open up things to me and we can talk about that. And lastly, not boastful.

Hoping to be chosen as one of your scholars and will promise not to break what I said on resume and will not disappoint you. Thank you and God Bless!

Terms of work

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