PR and Marketing for your Business

Hello and welcome to my page.

I am a student of Communicational Science and have been working with international teams in PR & Marketing for 2+ years. I am looking forward to helping your company deliver your brand message to potential customers.

My services include:

  • Creating, evaluating and/or positioning your brand message and value propositions correctly
  • Target audience research, including setting up and evaluating surveys according to scientific standards
  • Researching and connecting your brand with valuable, engaging influencers from your sector to help your brand image and traffic
  • Setting up, building and/or managing your presence on any Social Media platform(s) (Graphic Design not included)
  • Streamlining support and feedback flow to help you react to your customer’s needs 

For details you can reach out to me on here and we can schedule a free call to find out what your exact needs are.

Let’s build your Brand together!

Terms of work
48 hour delivery

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