Hi i am Jan Jaslie Ocampo, you can call me jas i am competitive gamer, grinder and creative in any way. My passion is all about games and computer stuffs, mobile and game consoles. I am good at working hard for what i do and i will do in future.


i have alot of experience on games and rpg 24/7 play on pc/mobile my one of the longest and played game is league of legends about 14-16 hours a day since 2012 it was christmas and i reached diamond I and stopped on 2020. I get addicted on my passion since i was a kid its been 10 years on this game community.


the games I’ve played is league of legends, dota, cabal, ran online, monster hunter, ml, cod, graal, growtopia, pixel world, steam games and more!!! 

 Over the years of being here on gaming community is good my passion is still not fading and doing streams 1 year ago.

i can grind for like 15 hours per day you wont regret i can assure that i wont miss a day or time for other things 


i have no experience on playing it but i always watch on streams about the quota and slps on the game and how the game works for the teams, daily quota and the axie team i will used 

some of my friends has axie and they’re scholar on other managers i always ask them how to play it and what i need to do.

axie is my one of the biggest goal to get and to explore more on axie

i have the metamask and ronin ready on my phone.

i can grind axie about 16-18 hours as long the slp is going up and my axie is going better i’ll grind everyday

you can trust with me and bare with me in long run of playing axie and doing business i am not someone who give up immediately. 

I can contribute my skills on the team i am a fast learner and good at communicating with other peoples

i am unique and better than anyone i am not only on words i go action immediately start something new and grind harder


  • Risk-Taking
  • Patience and Perseverance
  • Problem-Solving
  • Strategizing
  • Concentration
  • Leadership
  • Social Skills
  • Critical Thinking


Playing is a new skill

Play more live more.


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