Senior Frontend Software Engineer — YouMeme Remote Social Platform for Memes


Why Join Us? was founded in 2022. That’s The World's First Meme Social Network, designed for global impact with a Instagram-like user experience.Our main mission: Make the world happier. At, our people are humble, intelligent, compassionate and creative. We create to inspire - for you, for us, and for all new users. 

About the Team 

YouMeme Frontend team will focus on frontend development. We will also focus on understanding our users, identifying opportunity areas, prioritizing the problems we must solve, and rapidly creating innovative user experience solutions. We are looking for experienced frontend engineers to develop web applications. 

1. Proven experience and track record of developing and managing web products. 
2. Solid front-end programming skills with experience in solving browser compatibility issues and optimizing front-end performance. 
3. Expertise in server-side programming languages: Node.js. 
4. Expertise in modern JS front-end frameworks and technologies, such as Vue.js, React.js, Redis) and Cloud Computing (AWS, Google Cloud). 
5. Understand front-end engineering and component development. 
6. Strong organizational, interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Must be able to work independently, with strong self-discipline and a sense of ownership.

1. Blockchain, crypto, NFT or Web3-related development experience 
2. Past experience developing social platforms. 

1. Develop user-interfaces for PC/ Mobile Devices. 
2. Create the ultimate user experience and support the growth and development of the YouMeme Ecosystem with high-quality design and coding. 

Preferred Qualifications
Minimum 5 years relevant work experience from a large-scale internet business. 

Benefits & Perks
1. Unlimited vacation once the probation period of 3-months is passed. 
2. 100% remote work. 
3. Opportunity to join a company with a highly diversified business model. 
4. Long-term assignments possible. 
5. Good salary. $ or USDC


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