Strategic content creation & Social Media Managment

I am an ambitious, creative and passionate digital marketer and content creator that combines strategy with creative execution in order to connect to audiences and deliver effective results. Driven by my insatiable curiosity, I strive to better myself daily, both in my career and in my personal development.

In my current position as a remote Social Media Manager & content creator, I manage a Discord community of +1500 members, create content for LinkedIn( I have set the agency’s record for the amount of impressions for a post, 13k, not bragging about it, just stating facts), Instagram & Facebook.

I am also an active contributor to a weekly newsletter & blog.

I have initiated successful marketing strategies for the agency, leading to new collaborations with influencers and brands within the industry.Besides my results and experience with the agency, I am consistently creating content on LinkedIn, as well as growing my network and connecting to high achieving individuals on a daily basis.

I have over 1 year of blockchain experience in the form of investing, researching projects, studying the market & being a part of the community.

Terms of work
5 hour delivery

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