Timely and creative GIF banners

I will develop and deliver in a short time a "catchy", creative and modern animated GIF banner for your advertising campaigns.

When working with an order, I will take into account all your wishes and preferences.

I make edits for free, but they should not contradict your primary wishes in the TK.

Popular banner sizes:

468 × 60

728 × 90

240 × 400

200 x 200

250 × 250

300 × 250

336 x 280

120 x 600

160 × 600

640 x 100

640 x 200

300 × 50

320 × 50

320 x 100

You may need a creative "source" in PSD format, or a resize of a developed banner, the order of which using an additional option will cost less than ordering 1 animated banner in a separate cork.

IMPORTANT! For review, I send the developed creatives only with protection (watermarks), and only after the work is approved by the customer, I send the original files without protection (watermarks). I ask you to take this into account and not place an order if you do not agree with this order development procedure.

I will be glad to work with you!

You need to order:

Dear Customers!

You will need:

Sizes of the desired animated and static banners in pixels;

If needed:

- Banner weight restrictions (in megabytes). This information is specified with the administration of the resource on which you are going to place the banner (required);

- Texts for banners; - Pictures, logos (if there is a need to use specific pictures);

- Description of the desired banner, possibly examples of competitors' banners.

Lead time: 2 days for 1 banner

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Terms of work
1 hour delivery

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