What’s new in LaborX release 1.3.3?

What’s new in LaborX release 1.3.3?

Release 1.3.3 includes new pages, workflow improvments, social media sharing buttons for jobs and small bug fixes.

We are continuing to make updates and build out functionality. This release sees a series of changes designed to make using LaborX easier and more convenient

Recently-published Jobs block

We have added a block with recently-published jobs to the landing page, so freelancers can immediately see the latest opportunities.

Social sharing buttons

To make it easier to share jobs and encourage both freelancers and customers to post new opportunities, all users can now see the job page and share the link in social media.

Freelancers page

We have added a freelancers page, which includes a list of all freelancers on the platform. The page is available to both registered and unregistered users. The list can be filtered by name, reviews and skills.

Skills page

A skills page lists all the different skills you can select for your profile, with links to pages of freelancers sorted by a given skill. For now, only top-level skills are displayed, but we’ll be adding second-level skills soon to help navigate the site and improve SEO.

Here’s a sneak peek at the second-level skills page:

Bug fixes

Finally, we’ve made a number of minor bug fixes: improved estimation of Ethereum transaction fees for contract signatures, meaning the calculation is closer to reality (and lower), iPhone menu bugs addressed, various edits to site texts.

That’s all. Let us know what you think, and don’t forget to post new job opportunities and browse for work on the platform!