What’s new in LaborX release 1.6.0?

What’s new in LaborX release 1.6.0?

The latest release for LaborX includes a number of optimisations that make the platform even easier, more convenient, and more efficient to use.

LaborX release 1.6.0 is officially out! This update offers several useful new features, including MetaMask integration, a reworked contract for the Jobs module, and the ability to add subskills to job descriptions.

1. MetaMask integration

MetaMask is a browser extension for Ethereum that provides a crypto wallet and a handy, secure way to access dApps and Ethereum-enabled websites. It’s a very popular option within the crypto community, with over a million global users, so it’s the ideal addition to LaborX.

With LaborX 1.6.0 you can:

  • Add or remove a MetaMask wallet from your account
  • Select MetaMask as your default wallet, instead of the built-in LaborX wallet, making and receiving payments from your MetaMask address
  • You can even connect to Binance Smart Chain, enabling new options for Binance token payments

2. Updated Jobs Module contract

Digital contracts are the foundation of LaborX, enabling freelancers and customers to connect and organise work securely. The original Jobs module contract was complicated and, as a result, also more costly than it needed to be.

The new Gigs module provides streamlined contracts that are fast and low-cost to use. But we’ve also made some changes to regular Jobs contracts too. These are now much closer to Gigs contracts, with a reduced number of fields – so users can still arrange more complicated work, without unnecessary cost and complexity.

3. Subskills

Lastly, we’ve added the ability for customers to specify subskills in their job descriptions. This helps customers better define work and freelancers better understand what is required of them, improving the process of selecting appropriate jobs.

Finally, our LaborX Gigs contest has ended and ten lucky winners have had their accounts upgraded to Premium status – offering lifetime perks such as zero platform fees and increased referral bonuses. All the winners have been notified by email. You can find out more about the competition and the winners on the LaborX blog.

That’s all for now!

The LaborX team