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Sell the NFT, Share The Income

I own a global sensation rapper & producer Busta Rhymes's very first minted NFT by the hand of the famous artist Wes Henry. 
Please check the link for the mentioned NFT:
The price of the NFT varies from 0.45 ETH to 20 ETH thus I want to sell it for 8 ETH minimum. If you find the direct buyer and want to sell it by yourself it is okay for me. I can create the sale action for the price you want to buy from me. You can earn more ETH if you may re-sell it.
Else you may want to do the sales negotiations on behalf of me. Then I'm offering to pay up to 50% of the sales if you are able to sell it more than 17 ETH. 
If you manage the buyer for the price of 8 ETH, $3K is yours.
I'm okay with more sales ideas if you are willing to earn at least $3K or more.
Let's chat.
P.S. $3K+ payment will only happen when the NFT is sold. It is not a subject to deposit this amount since there are 16 sellers ahead of me with cheap prices. For more terms and plans we shall discuss.
No direct payments.

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