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Build cutting edge decentralized infrastructure and solve some of the hardest problems facing the web3 industry. Join the Cere team and start building tomorrow’s technology today!
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Marketing Lead

Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Full time
Direct applicants only. Please note that we are not seeking assistance from recruiters, headhunters, or agencies for this position.

If you have a passion for AI and Web3 innovation, Cere presents an exciting opportunity to bring your vision to life.

Cere, a leading Web3 data infrastructure scale-up, is searching for a dynamic individual motivated to achieve significant accomplishments in a challenging environment.

As the Marketing Lead at Cere, you will play a crucial role in driving growth across our products by connecting with customers effectively. You will be responsible for developing and implementing strategic initiatives to expand our businesses and support the launch of new products.

This role requires a skilled consumer product marketer capable of creating and implementing marketing strategies that enhance brand awareness, adoption, and growth. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to execute go-to-market strategies for our innovative products.

Please note that this is a hybrid role based in Berlin or Warsaw, with an expectation of being in the office three times a week.

About Cere Network

Since its inception in 2019, Cere has been at the forefront of addressing challenges posed by AI advancements and data proliferation. Addressing the issue of data fragmentation resulting from multiple vendors, Cere offers an open-source, decentralized solution with a clear vision for the future.

Cere is supported by prominent institutions and projects, including Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon.

Our Ethos

At Cere, we are not just looking to fill positions; we seek individuals with a unique blend of qualities. We value candidates who thrive in a fast-paced environment, embrace a methodical approach to development, and exhibit first-principle thinking.

Our team members uphold high standards, possess a growth mindset, and demonstrate exceptional written communication skills using tools like Notion, Slack, and Wiki for collaboration.

We emphasize autonomy, goal orientation, accountability, and transparency, fostering a culture of collaborative teamwork driving innovation at Cere.

We are looking for individuals with high standards, character, and the ability to optimize efficient habits, embodying a growth mindset and commitment to collective achievement.


Develop and execute long-term go-to-market strategies to drive growth and support product marketing teams in meeting targets.

Provide leadership, guidance, and mentorship while engaging in strategic planning.

Evolve growth and product marketing teams to ensure successful execution and target achievements.

Collaborate with the product marketing team to enhance brand awareness for comprehensive solutions and bundles.

Utilize paid ads, events, and other channels to foster self-service revenue growth.

Develop a community marketing strategy for the developer community leveraging platforms like our blog and Discord.

Shape the future vision of Cere Network through branding and thought leadership initiatives.

Work closely with the product team to create and execute effective product marketing strategies for Cere Network's diverse portfolio.


4-6 years of experience in product marketing or related fields with a proven track record of successful marketing strategy execution.

Experience in technology marketing and selling tech products within developer ecosystems.

Ability to collaborate effectively with various teams, fostering cross-functional synergy.

History of overseeing growth initiatives, operational optimization, and strategic planning within the marketing domain.

Experience in crafting product marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences and drive adoption.

Experience in generating pipelines for enterprise clients, utilizing data-driven insights to enhance performance.

Interest and understanding of web3/blockchain technology.

About Our Team

Join a diverse, high-performance, multinational team located worldwide, including Berlin, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Warsaw. We offer autonomy and flexibility while prioritizing transparency, accountability, and ownership in a dynamic work environment.

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Warsaw, USA
Warsaw, USA
Full time
If you see yourself as a valuable contributor to the exciting world of AI and Web3 innovation, look no further than the opportunity with our cutting-edge Web3 data infrastructure scale-up.

We are seeking an individual who is up for the challenge of accomplishing great things in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of customer-facing tools, UI prototypes, building SDKs, and experience with front-end technologies.

As part of our team, you will take significant ownership of our front-end codebase and architecture right from the start. Your responsibilities will involve designing and developing core components of our products using technologies like ReactJS and NestJS to create high-performance applications for both front-end and back-end.

This role is a hybrid position, requiring your presence in our Warsaw or Berlin office two days per week. A full-time commitment is necessary as your involvement will play a crucial role in driving forward our ambitious projects.

About Cere Network:

Cere has been proactive in anticipating the challenges posed by the rapid advancement of AI and the increasing data volumes. Our mission is centered on decentralizing all data to provide an open-source solution amid the complexities of AI integration.

Cere has received backing from leading institutions and projects, propelling us to the forefront of innovation and technological advancement.

Our Ethos:

At Cere, we are looking for individuals who thrive in a high-paced environment and embrace a methodical, simulation-driven development process alongside first-principle thinking.

We value team members who uphold high standards, have strong discipline, and possess a growth mindset that fosters continuous learning and process improvement. Excellent written communication skills are essential for organized and transparent collaboration.

Autonomy, goal orientation, accountability, and transparency are core values that guide our culture. We encourage a supportive and challenge-driven teamwork dynamic to fuel our rapid innovation.

We seek individuals with integrity, high standards, and the ability to build efficient habits. A growth mindset, dedication to collective success, and commitment to fostering collaboration and progress within the team are all integral to our work environment.


5+ years of software engineering experience

3+ years of front-end development experience

Understanding of basic data structures, algorithms, and their complexities

Proficiency in ReactJS, JavaScript, and TypeScript

Uphold high code quality standards

Experience with Test-Driven Development and unit test coverage

Back-end server development experience with Node.js (NestJS)

Multinational High-Performance Team:

Join our diverse and talented team based across Berlin, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Warsaw. While remote work is embraced, teams often come together in person every 1-2 months to collaborate. Autonomy, flexibility, transparency, accountability, and ownership are key aspects of our team culture.

Technical Writer

Full time
If you've ever imagined yourself as a key player in driving AI and Web3 developments, Cere presents a unique opportunity to turn that vision into reality.

Cere, a cutting-edge Web3 data infrastructure scale-up, is in search of individuals who are not just seeking a job, but are eager to be pushed to achieve remarkable feats in an exciting venture.

We are in need of a talented technical writer who possesses a deep passion for cutting-edge tech and the knack for storytelling, coupled with the ability to explain intricate concepts clearly and concisely. This role is ideal for someone well-versed in writing and with a solid understanding of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized technologies.

The ideal candidate for this position should be readily available to write content on demand, align with internal deadlines, and collaborate with Product Managers to craft compelling narratives about what Cere is building and communicate our visionary projects. While initially collaborative in nature, as familiarity with the product grows, we anticipate the writer to assume more autonomy in determining topics.

About Cere Network:

Since its inception in 2019, the Cere team has consistently foreseen the challenges that the current system would face, exacerbated by the rapid advancements in AI and the corresponding explosion of data. With data fragmentation stemming from companies using multiple vendors complicating AI integration, Cere positions itself as a neutral, open-source solution with a firm belief that all data should be decentralized unequivocally.

Cere is supported by leading institutions and projects, including Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon.

Our Work Philosophy:

At Cere, we search for individuals who thrive in a fast-paced setting, embrace methodical, simulation-driven development, and employ first-principle thinking. Our team members embody high standards, discipline, and a growth mindset that fuels continual learning and process improvement. Superior written communication skills are indispensable as we utilize tools like Notion, Slack, and Wiki to ensure orderly and transparent collaboration.

We prioritize autonomy, goal setting, and endorse a culture of accountability and transparency. Our ecosystem thrives on supportive, challenge-driven teamwork, underpinning Cere's swift-paced innovation.

We seek individuals with strong character, high standards, and the ability to establish and optimize efficient practices. A growth mindset and a dedication to collective success are fundamental to our team dynamics, aiming to foster a broad ecosystem of collaboration and advancement.


Generate high-quality content elucidating complex Web3 technologies for a wide audience.

Produce engaging and informative marketing materials such as blog posts, articles, whitepapers, case studies, and website content.

Collaborate with marketing, product, and technical teams to create content accurately reflecting our products and services.

Transform technical and product information into user-friendly guides, FAQs, and instructional documents.

Stay abreast of industry trends to guarantee content is current and innovative.

Edit and refine content based on feedback from stakeholders and analytics data.


Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, English, Journalism, or a related field.

Proven experience as a Technical Writer, Content Writer, or similar role in the technology industry focusing on Web3 technologies.

Sound understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the foundations of decentralized ecosystems.

Excellent writing and editing skills, with a strong command of English.

Capacity to simplify complex technical concepts into clear, concise, and engaging content.

Familiarity with SEO principles and practices.

Proficiency in content management systems and tools essential for content creation and publishing.

Preferred Skills:

Experience in a startup environment within the technology sector.

Additional certifications or courses linked to blockchain, Web3, or digital marketing.

Applicants are requested to include their resume along with two writing samples demonstrating expertise in technical marketing content related to Web3 technologies.

About the Team:

Join a diverse, high-performing team spread across the globe, including locations like Berlin, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Warsaw. While remote work is facilitated, the team often meets in person every 1-2 months. Autonomy, flexibility, transparency, accountability, and ownership form the foundation of our work culture.

Business Operation Specialist

Warsaw, USA
Warsaw, USA
Full time
Note: Only direct applicants should apply. This position is not open to recruiters, headhunters, or agencies.

If you have a passion for pioneering AI and Web3 innovations, here is the chance to turn your aspirations into reality at Cere.

Cere, a leading Web3 data infrastructure scale-up, is in search of an individual eager for a dynamic challenge in a thrilling venture, not just a regular job.

In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing critical operational aspects, concentrating on enhancing efficiency and efficacy in business processes. Dealing with daily administrative and financial tasks such as operational process streamlining, bookkeeping, and financial documentation will be key to ensure smooth operations in line with our business's strategic vision.

About Cere Network

Since its inception in 2019, Cere has continually anticipated the challenges faced by current systems, especially with the rapid advancements in AI and data proliferation. Addressing data fragmentation issues caused by multiple vendors, Cere stands as a decentralized, open-source solution believing in the central principle that all data should be decentralized, unequivocally.

We are supported by major institutions like Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon.

Our Ethos

At Cere, we go beyond traditional recruitment by seeking individuals with specific characteristics and qualities. We value adaptability to a fast-paced environment, meticulous development processes, and a first-principle thinking approach. Our team embodies high standards, discipline, a growth mindset, and effective written communication through tools like Notion, Slack, and Wiki for organized collaboration.

We prioritize autonomy, goal alignment, accountability, and transparency breeding a culture of supportive challenge-driven teamwork essential for Cere's rapid innovation. We seek those with high standards, character, and efficient habits, promoting a growth mindset, collective success, and fostering collaboration and progress in a larger ecosystem.


Key player in our HR and finance team.

Streamlining and implementing operational and business processes.

Handling administrative tasks, including invoicing and bookkeeping.

Managing day-to-day financial operations.

Collaborating to review and establish policies.

Assisting HR team with planning and executing tasks and projects.

Responsibilities customized based on experience and interest.


Minimum 2 years of Business Operations experience.

Knowledge of Web3/Blockchain/Cryptocurrency preferred but not mandatory.

Ability to work independently and follow directions.

Basic financial management skills.

Excellent communication, presentation, and attention to detail.

Strong time management and prioritization skills.

Familiarity with labor laws and regulations in Europe.

Fast grasp of organizational software tools.

Remote-first work experience.

Berlin or The Netherlands preferred locations.

About Our Team

Our highly talented, multinational team spans various locations globally beneficial for remote working, where autonomy and transparency along with occasional in-person team meetings every 1-2 months are valued. We cherish excellence, flexibility, accountability, and ownership in both work and personal life.