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Solana NFT Auction Marketplace

m looking to create a NFT AUCTION marketplace for Solana NFTS.Previous experience launching a solana marketplace required.Looking for v1 of the marketplace.Minimum functionality to launch.
It will be similar in functionality to
Will use Metaplex to launch
NFT Artists & Collections will be able to list and auction of pieces of art.They can set the time for the auction,starting bid, etc.
Buyers will connect their wallet to the site and place bids.
Each artist will have a page.We will need to be able to approve artists before their gallery goes live.
The revenues from the sale will be split between:
- the artist
- platform fee
- a % to a non profit that the artist selects for each auction has an APIl that we can utilize for the non profit piece.Artists will select the non profit that they want a % to go to.
Need to pull metadata for collections and display traits.

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