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Discord Whitelist NFT Projects

This job is for virtual assistance that can assist me in getting whitelisted on NFT Projects. You will utilize discord, twitter and Instagram as your main platforms by communicating effectively and fulfilling discord requirements on whitelisting. Your day-to-day work will be mainly held within discord by chatting, connecting with moderators and taking notice by them. You will also partake in discord giveaway or any instagram/twitter giveaways as well.
You will be assigned an NFT project and will go through the requirements for whitelisting.
Our pay will always be the best and we are only looking for individuals that has the following qualifications:
Job description:
- Communicate and chat within discord groups, daily message expectation of 500 to 1000.
- Inviting friends and families to discord (Expected that you have the people to get up to 25-30 invites easily)
- Participate in giveaways in various Discords
- Actively looking closely to twitter and discord. There are many opportunities for giveaway and responses that can get you whitelisted.
- Create memes for NFT projects , will get better chance of taken notices by moderators or admin
- Create fan art for NFT projectswill get better chance of taken notices by moderators or admin
- Effectively communicating with me on daily progress and updates.
Qualifications :
- Good understanding of NFT and cryptocurrency
- English proficiency and is able to communicate well and effectively with others
- Pro-active and self starting individual
- Thinking out side of the box, there will be games and quizzes that can easily win a whitelist allocation
Additional Qualifications:
- Meme making
- Art work (paint, digital or graphics)
You should expect that as there are more NFT projects coming along its way, white listing becomes difficult. Whitelist can happen any moment depending on whether moderators or admin takes notices of you, or some have very clear instructions. This generally takes between 2 - 10 days of work.
We will handpick these projects and upon completion you will get $350 of set pay (Regardless of how many hours spent, this is dependent on how proactive and effective you are)
I am investing in NFT every day, I will continue to provide jobs and opportunities for you.
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