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Frontend Web development
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I'm a dedicated frontend developer with expertise in crafting user-friendly websites and web applications. Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Chakra UI, I create seamless, responsive interfaces that blend form and function. Staying current with web trends and technologies, I thrive on solving design challenges and delivering exceptional user-centric solutions. My mission is to turn creative ideas into compelling online experiences.

Work experience

January 2023 – August 2023
Job title
Web Developer
Work experience & achievements

• utilized HTML, CSS, React, Next.js, and Chakra UI to develop a responsive website (monmouth) for a company specializing in selling cards. The website facilitates card sales by connecting to a database and consuming APIs provided by the backend developer. The design adheres to the specifications created by the UI/UX developer. • Collaborate with fellow developers on the project to generate an exceptional website tailored to meet the requirements of my clients. • Established a dedicated segment for the developers within the team, ensuring productive meetings and thorough error checks prior to submission.

YCT Micro-finance Bank
October 2023 – December 2022
Job title
Frontend Web developer
Work experience & achievements

• I developed series modal utilizing ReactJS and Chakra UI to showcase user information, while also integrating a backend API consumption to enhance the website's functionality. • Created website pages (yctmfb) that are meticulously tailored to the design vision provided by the UI/UX developer. Through a collaborative and symbiotic process, I transform intricate design concepts into fully functional digital interfaces that seamlessly integrate aesthetics with user-centric functionality. By diligently adhering to the creative blueprint established by the UI/UX team,


Kwara State University
Graduation year: 2023
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Computer Engineering
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