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Senior software developer with strong Blockchain skills (Bitcoin, Stellar, EOS, STEEM) and extensive experience on back-end development. ACHIEVEMENTS - Ported Devcoin from Bitcoin 0.8.x base to Bitcoin Core 22.x with improvements from Syscoin. - Devcoin's core developer since 2017 - Original Author of Ophal, a CMS implemented on Lua programming language - Contributed 20 modules to Drupal CMS, with 17k unique reported installs of Menu Token module - Open Source developer with +2k commits contributed since 2007 TECHNICAL SKILLS Blockchain: Bitcoin and Stellar. Web 2.0: PHP, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap and Drupal DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MSSQL and dBase/xBase Also: C/C++, Lua, Python, Java and VB/VFP




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I'll update your Bitcoin clone to latest code base