Car Aerodynamic Simulation and Analysis


I offer basic external aerodynamics computational simulations and analysis of road vehicles and their aerodynamic modifications, such as spoilers, wings, diffusers and any other sort of body modifications.

The analysis of the simulation results, the report will include the pictures of pressure distribution and airflow streamlines, with an explanation/description of where the modification is beneficial or where and how it is negatively affecting the aerodynamic performance, along with closeups where needed, also depending on the case, suggestions for better alternative solutions and or modification to further improve the performance.

You will receive a PDF report of the results and analysis, the report you'll receive contains the following:
1. a simulation of the original unmodified car, and validation with actual results so you can evaluate the accuracy of the simulation if the actual value of Cd is available.
2. a simulation of the modification you want to make, (a wing a lip spoiler, a diffuser, whatever you want to add), the price increases with each mod within the same project.
3. visuals (pictures) of the simulations, pressure distribution, and airflow streamlines.
4. You'll get the forces reported:
a. Drag force & Cd
b. Overall lift force & Cl (downforce is negative lift), also lift/downforce on front and rear wheels separately, so you'll see whether the aero is balanced or not with your modifications of choice.

An extra service (charged separately) upon request is to make a realistic 3d render (in Blender 3d) of the resulting streamlines and car with motion blur effects, lights and other fancy details.

 The work I'll have to do to produce the report is going to be:
1. 3D CAD modelling the car (and your modifications) from scratch.
2. meshing the fluid domain around the model and ensuring a high-quality mesh is produced in order to yield an accurate solution (a tedious trial and error process).
3. setting up the boundary conditions and turbulence model in the CFD solver, setting up the speed angular rotation speed of the wheels and other little details.

Price is negotiable for first costumers and for the models that I have already made:
1. BMW E36 M3 coupe.
2. Mitsubishi Lancer 2003 (OZ rally, with USDM bumpers)
3. Audi A6 C6 (work in progress).

Note: the models are slightly simplified as they only account for external aerodynamics, no engine bay flow, radiator flow analysis, or brake cooling effects are available in this service as of now, these services will be offered in the future at a different rate.

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Car Aerodynamic Simulation and Analysis image 2
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Car Aerodynamic Simulation and Analysis image 4
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