Community Manager, Support Specialist, Content Writer

Veteran community manager (2 yrs 10 mos) and customer support specialist (4 yrs).

Highly skilled in customer experience support, well-versed in soft and people skills, an expert in social media moderation, a Discord/Telegram/Reddit pro, a Zendesk natural, an avid gamer, and a sleep-deprived father. My professional career has revolved around providing user support, handling people relations, triaging tickets, moderating user platforms, and being a liaison for projects and their userbase.

As a user support specialist, I have extensive experience in providing excellent first-contact support and have polished my skills in a way that will help me process support inquiries in an effective and efficient manner. I can diagnose and resolve issues effectively and I can read between the lines. I am also extremely passionate about delivering the best user experience possible and over the years have made it my personal goal to elevate the customer support standards of any project I become involved in. 

As a community manager, well, I've handled communities before community management was a thing. Professionally speaking, however, I’ve handled 13 projects to this day. 

As a CM, general community engagement and server moderation are my daily tasks. Beyond that, I also have experience creating bounty campaigns and running community events. I also have experience helping with creating content calendars and Twitter campaigns. I understand what KPI best reflects a community's vitals and I know how to set OKRs in order to effectively gauge and maintain the standards of the community.

Beyond that, I also have extensive experience in customizing Discord servers and I am highly familiar with setting up Discord and Telegram bots. I know what security practices are industry standards, and I know how to implement these measures in order to ensure risk is minimized. 

I also have experience leading a team of community managers and have written tons of reports, spreadsheets, and documents to this day. I have taken charge of creating and optimizing community structures, onboarding processes, knowledgebases, and I have experience creating effective server structures, user support process funnels, and crisis control processes in my tenure. 

I know how to talk to people and I understand how to position myself as an effective go-between for the project and its community. 

I’m driven, autonomous, and I move in pursuit of excellence. I want to meet the standards expected of me and I work hard to deliver. 

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