ERC20 Token Smart Contract - Basic Plan

🌟 Basic plan: ERC20 smart contract

With this basic plan, you can find the complete tools and features you need for tokens with an efficient ERC20 smart contract. This smart contract was created using Solidity and includes all the necessary features to launch an ERC20 token.

What to expect:

🛠️ Solidity Smart Contract: This plan includes the delivery of a Solidity Smart Contract that creates and manages the ERC20 token. With this contract, you can easily create and manage your token on the blockchain.

🔐 Security and controlled access: This contract has a controlled access system that allows you to have detailed control over user roles and access. This ensures the security of your token.

🔥 Ability to burn tokens: This contract has the ability to burn tokens

🚫 Pause operations: You will be able to temporarily stop token operations in cases where there is a need for this.

These are some features of smart contract functions:


- burn



- permit





- approve



- approve

Security features:





Management features:



The contract management method is role-based using openZeppelin security libraries

Use this basic plan to easily and quickly create an ERC20 token with basic features. This smart contract is presented with care and continuous updates and is waiting to be used by you.

Are you ready to experience yourself? With this basic plan, it was possible. Contact me now to build this idea! 🚀

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