ERC20 Token Smart Contract - Startup Plan

🌟 Startup Plan: Comprehensive ERC20 Ecosystem

This Startup Plan encompasses all the features of the Basic Plan and extends it with two additional smart contracts: BusinessLogic and LiquidityPool.


Description: The BusinessLogic smart contract is designed to manage the operational and financial aspects of your ERC20 token project. It offers functionalities for managing sale stages, token pricing, and token purchases.

Key Features:

  • Creation and management of sale stages with customizable funding targets and purchase limits.
  • Dynamic pricing mechanism based on liquidity and market demand.
  • Role-based access control for data management and system administration.
  • Ability to pause and unpause token operations for maintenance or security reasons.
  • Feature freezing to prevent unauthorized changes during critical operations.


Description: The LiquidityPool smart contract serves as a internal decentralized liquidity pool for your token ecosystem. It allows users to exchange tokens and provides liquidity for trading activities.

Key Features:

  • Addition and removal of supported tokens with corresponding price feeds.
  • Calculation of total pool value based on token balances and market prices.
  • Estimation of token prices based on the pool's total value and native token reserves.
  • Flexible token deposit and withdrawal mechanisms to facilitate trading and liquidity provision.

Additional Notes:

  • Both smart contracts are built using Solidity and leverage OpenZeppelin libraries for security and functionality.
  • The role-based access control system ensures secure and efficient management of the contracts.
  • Continuous updates and maintenance are provided to ensure the reliability and performance of the ecosystem.

With this Startup Plan, you'll have a robust ERC20 ecosystem equipped with advanced features and functionalities. Get started now and take your token project to the next level! 🚀

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