Facebook Ad Specialist

Looking for a Facebook Ad Specialist that can strategize your ads well and help your business extend its success especially on converting sales? You're definitely stalking the right person. 

I successfully completed an intensive Basic, Intermediate and Advanced training on Facebook Advertisement where I tackled not just creating and running Facebook Ad successfully but also learned the right strategies that's making an Ad more successful as it's running and converting sales. 

You can't just let an Ad run basically. You'll probably wasting a lot of budget for it. Strategies must be applied like split testing, identifying and reaching the right people/audience for your Ad from Cold-Warm-Hot audiences, Re-targeting is very important as well and these are just a few. 

With the ability to apply effective strategies when it comes to running Facebook Advertisements, I can definitely help you increase the productivity of your business and converting sales. If you think I'm reliable to manage your Ads, shoot me a message and rest assured that good results will follow. 

Terms of work
1 hour delivery

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