Get telegram member Scraper, Telegram no-drop lifetime stable warranty

Hello There "If you need a telegram Bot that can add member to your telegram Group from any telegram group you desire, Then this services is for you"

This services is about Telegram Bot, we build Telegram Bot that can:

  1. Send bulk message,
  2. Bot that Can Manage A Telegram Group / Channel,
  3. Bot that can copy message from one group and end to another group "Paraphrase Link (if desire)"

With this service, I will give you the bot that scrape member and also add member to telegram of your choice.


  1. This Python Bot Script works on any devices (Mac/Windows/Linus)
  2. It can scrape from any telegram group or channel
  3. It can add the scraped members to your group
  4. The script can work with multiples of telegram account at the same time.

What Are You Waiting For? feel free to ask me any question.

To get started, the seller needs:

NOTE: This script has been used by several people and e don't violate telegram in any way, It's 100% safe for you to use

Programming Language: Python

Scope of this kwork: Telegram Scraper Bot

Terms of work

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