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Hey Guys, Welcome to my GIG for Coinsniper Votes. 

For any support, you can talk with my marketing team who outreach you and he will Update you about the work whenever you need it. Also my TG ID: Hellghost_11. 

Why CoinSniper Votes or listing?

Coin snipe is one of the oldest platforms among all the coin-promoting sites. If you own a token then you might be considering getting officially listed on coin sniper. it needs 500 votes within 3 days after submitting your coin on coin sniper otherwise your coin will be deleted from that site.  After your token gets listed on coin sniper you should consider being on today's top #1 to #5 for a day. It takes at least 10k votes for your token but will be devoted by coin sniper rules after 24h. When you are on Top for a day it will bring you hundreds of new investors in a day. Don't worry about the price we charge the lowest price for top #1 to #5 and it's based on package. 

Here comes my part as a marketer. I have 20 people team and 20k registered coin sniper account. With my team, we can provide these 500 votes or make you Todays Top #1 to #5 after you hire me. 

Why hiring me when you have a community:?

Coz every community people are busy with their daily works. Not everyone has an account on coin sniper for a vote. Also, it takes a lot of time to vote on each site you have listed. Most of the community failed to find 500 voters for their coin though they have a group like 100k members. 

Notes: Please place an order with this info on the offer message:
1. Your Token Name:
2. What package/Votes you want: 
3. Your Name: 

For any support you can talk with my marketing team who outreach you and he will Update you about the work whenever you need. Also my TG ID: Hellghost_11. 

This is a marketplace safe for both Freelancer and clients. After you confirming your order if we fail on your job then the money will be refunded by the marketplace so there is no chance for any scam on both end.

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