I can do with under presure

Hi!! Hello . Im junrill turco but you can call me jun.. im a translator.

I can do what ever the customer what me to do of there needed.

Im easy to contact and anytime ill do my job just for you.

And im welling to help people for there project to finish on time

Im a a hardworking person even fay and night 24/7 im just here to do finish job whatever project is that..

And i have also a good motivation in my life to encourage other people to do the things that give and trusted to you this me. I am a workaholic person and i am proud of bieng filipino .. 

So. If you want me to do your job just contact me as soon as posible

I have a lot of skills to do task that was givin to me.

Once again i am your friendly laborer just inform me, and im willing to work with you as a team 

Working together is a fun and easier, 

Thank you ahead .. for choocing me as your partner co-worker or shall we say your laborer.

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Terms of work
1 hour delivery

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