I Create Elegant Websites & Apps


My name is Sam, I'm a web app developer.

I prefer to design the interface of my works myself

websites are not paintings hanging from the wall (or on the wall itself !)

they have functions that user should feel the need to engage with them and enjoy doing so

I see them like buildings, an Architect will design multi patterns to create the atmosphere that for example a luxury shop needs,

he hopes when you walk in there you feel high class and see the products valuable and exceptional,

but budget, materials, statics, geography, culture etc… are harsh parameters that makes architect not only an artist but an engineer.

If one have enough love for the job to do it all, nothing will be left out and a true experience will come to life with its own identity.

For web apps I often work with Vue JS and sometimes Svelte, material design is my ideal design pattern, bootstrap is an old friend with awesome grids.

I'm comfortable with Vuetify - Quasar - Element UI and some other Vue frameworks,

I usually use Strapi CMS for backend and Rest API management (a node-express headless CMS) and of course WordPress can be great in its own place and time,

meteor is another option for real time applications like messenger apps, real time charts etc…

I'm sorry if I took too much of your time, English is not my native language, so please forgive me for my mistakes in this writing.

I hope we can make something to be proud of.

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