I will bring your meditation to life

If you are a motivational speaker and you are looking to produce or you already producing by yourself the materials for your niche, but you dont have the time or dont know how, I can help you make outstanding audio-video  experiences for your listeners or viewers. 

- You come with the recording of the session

I come with:


  • remove all your mistakes or sounds that dont belong there
  • add background music
  • sound FX's to help your listener going through meditation easily
  • Double your voice when its needed
  • Mastering 


  • Video composition for your need (I can provide animated mandalas)
  • Video effects when needed
  • Thumbnails or other graphic materials needed to promote your video
  • Animations(Logo/Title /Text/etc.)
  • Transcript

Exported  and edited files belongs to you as long as any other material requested.

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Terms of work
2 hour delivery

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