I will craft a fun game for your food establishment to engage your customers

I offer a captivating suite of advergames tailored for bars, restaurants, coffee shops, donut spots, pizzerias, and bakeries to engage your customers in a fun and interactive way.

No downloads required - share games via a simple link or QR code placed strategically on menus, takeaway bags, drink cups, or beers label.

Customers can play for a chance to win rewards like discounts, free meals or promotional items.

What's included in this gig?

  • Customized game to match your brand aesthetic
  • Leaderboard-based rewards system
  • Dedicated landing page with the email collection form

How it works:

  1. Brand recognition: I will tailor the game to reflect your brand identity by incorporating your logo, color scheme, or images of your product.
  2. Rewards: I will set up a leaderboard-based rewards system. Players reaching certain scores will receive discounts or free soft drinks for their next order, encouraging game engagement and incentivizing purchases.
  3. Promotion: I will create a dedicated landing page with the email collection form which can be used to promote the game to your customers through various channels - social media, in-store displays, or as QR codes on pizza boxes.
  4. Increase sales and retain customers: Leverage the power of collected emails to follow up with customers who have earned rewards and to send newsletters featuring upcoming offers.

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Terms of work

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