I will create a CATCHY video trailer for your product!

I will make a short catchy video trailer to promote your project!

Samples of my previous work:

https://youtu.be/BlYcaYjrBdQ  | https://youtu.be/t9tsDAzuTLU | https://youtu.be/6OuN6ncCRNo | https://youtu.be/dRoPBmkO5iY

We can discuss beforehand to establish what message you're trying to convey to your users.

The video will be short, catchy and informative to bring awareness to your brand and product.

Modern terminology and pop culture references will be used to talk the same language of the internet generation.

Besides promo videos, we could also work together to create an entire branding & marketing strategy to promote on multiple social channels.

We could create an entire series of short promotional clips, which will be designed for specific Call to Actions and be surgically targeted towards various user groups.

Calls to action: (visit your website / join mailing list / try an App)

Terms of work
5 hour delivery

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