I will produce a beat/instrumental with an exclusive license

Hello! Thank you for checking out my gig!

My name is Deon Mas and I have been remixing and producing music across genres for almost 8 years. I have also experienced producing tracks for local pop and rap artists.

* Please send a message before you order! *

1. I can remake instrumentals for your song covers

2. I can produce on beats/instrumentals for the following genres: (Pop, Lofi, Trap, Hiphop, EDM)


  • You can use it on all streaming platforms.
  • The beat will be untagged.
  • You can do a resell of the beats.

4. I can do a remix for you

5. I can produce a song intro for your YT channels, streams, and vlogs.

6. I can edit audio for short videos and films.

I will work on each order until you're completely satisfied with it.

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Terms of work

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