Looking for Axie Infinity Scholarship ❤️

I already have experience playing axie infinity for about 1 month but unfortunately my manager sold the account after I got my first and last payout.

• Can grind 120-150 slp per day with the new update 75 slp minimum earn a day.

• Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Highest Rank Achieved: Mythical Glory 800 points

Top 13 Lancelot User Bulacan

• Run Online

• Dragon Nest PC and Mobile Version (Member of Team booster for

the whole server)

• DOTA 1

• Special Force

• Crazy Cart

• PUBG Mobile

• Call of Duty Mobile

• Rules of Survival Mobile

• Offline Games: GTA, Counter Strike, Vice City, Prototype, Max

Payne, Need for Speed

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Terms of work

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