I will create NFT mint bot

I will create the bot that automatically mints NFTs

Smart contracts for NFT can have a variable for public sale or not.

Users can input the address of a smart contract, and get the functions and variables of the contract.

The bot monitors a variable for public sale and if the variable is turned on, it mints NFTs automatically.

When the smart contract does not have any variable for public sale, the bot will start mint once the bot runs

The bot can use a wallet or private key for transactions.

When using the private key, a transaction will automatically run without confirmation like clicking confirmation on Metamask.

Advanced Features

  1. Multiple wallets
    Users can mint multiple NFTs at the same time using multiple wallets.
    Each wallet can get connected to a minting thread
  2. Only the users with a specific NFT can have access to the bot
Terms of work
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