Senior developer with Blockchain tech


I have been developing blockchain & Ethereum for 4 years.

I am a senior blockchain engineer with strong experience in building Defi yield farming, NFT farming and stacking platforms using Rust, Solidity and Web3.js, and React.js.  

I would like to work with you in order to help your business in the blockchain platform.  

Below is my skill on this industry

• Expert in Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain deploying 30+ smart contracts and developing several DeFi DApps.

• Implementation of the state-of-the-art proof-of-stake consensus protocol iChing in a new blockchain forked from Ethereum

• Cryptocurrency exchange development involving communication through the RPC-JSON interface to monitor withdrawals and deposits of bitcion and other compatible altcoins, as well as the equivalent for NXT

• Studied several PoW mining algorithms (including those from bitcion, litecoin (scrypt) and primecoin)

• OpenCL/GPU implementation of the bitcion and litecoin mining algorithms

• Trading bots for the BTC-E exchange

• Interfaces to ripple, bter and mtgox to gather market data

• Study parts of the bitcion, ethereum, peercoin, memorycoin and bytecoin (cryptonote) source code

• Setting up p2pools for altcoins

This is my linkedin and you can consider this

I hope to hear from you soon.  

Best regards, Ryo

Terms of work
100 hour delivery

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