Startup business plan development

There are many options out there that assist you in developing your business plan. Most of them do so employing the model of "Software as a Service" under a monthly subscription.

If you are looking for assistance to develop your initial business plan on a fixed price, then this gig is made for you.

It includes 40' (video or audio) calls focusing on one section of your business plan at a time. The gig leverages document collaboration techniques to manage efficiently time and provide flexibility, since not all (co)founders work full time for their startup project. Especially in its early stages of planning.

However, this is merely the method of delivering the outcome. Most importantly, you will be able to have discussions that will bring perspectives into the conversation. Those aim to enhance your thought process when possible and assist you to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will accompany you for the rest of your startup life.

It does not include performing primary or secondary research. All information is expected to be provided by the project manager. A basic template is provided to work on and potential additions are discussed during the development cycle.

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