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Hello, I am a passionate researcher with internationally recognized publications in economics and technical disciplines, but also mathematics. Most of my work has been published under pseudonyms and some of it was never credited to me or to any of my pseudonyms, when it was contributed in a context of a University team. I hope no one has to suffer such a fortune, ever. I just graduated from a vocational program as a Technician in electronic and computing systems, networks, installations and telecommunications. I have gained relevant experience through practice labs of the curriculum, but also through my own initiative. The later had to do mainly with designing and implementing home networks from scratch. Also, I have done diagnosing and repairing of home appliances and salvaging electronic parts from various devices, to build an inventory. I have also studied for two years object oriented software development with Java. Lately I am gaining extra knowledge on developing Android applications and blockchain development. In addition, I offer fee and commission based services as a crypto-consultant (btc, altcoins, etc.). You may check out my web site @ Currently, I look for opportunities in relevant technical fields, or as a software or Android applications developer (entry level). My best regards, Spyros Skills: Java SE , UML, Android, electronics, economics



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