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To my clients, please do take the time to read this.

An updated price list and services that I am now offering!

Refer to the details in the comment section about my updated rules and regulations.

We can discuss the prices through pm. I have many proofs of successful transactions posted on my Telegram Channel; you can ask for it if you want.

I'll state below the strengths and weaknesses of my abilities so that you're aware of my capabilities as I offer my services to you.


I don't accept math, research, science, and heavy workload-related works.

Simple rules and regulations of my services :')

- No hate speech or words; we must be professional and formal enough to interact with each other.

- I do not tolerate dishonest customers, state if you can't pay immediately or if there are any conflicts with my works.

- The information we exchanged with each other will be confidential.

- I'll send the finished product (The work with watermark) and later send the original copy without watermark if you're already paid.

- Refrain from asking for a low price because I'll be offering to adjust the price beforehand. Any lower price that's not mentioned will not be entertained.


- Essay in the English language

- Poems

- Story Making in any genre

- Modular tasks


- No math-related because we don't have an inclined mathematics course this year. Only in Practical Research because of statistics.

- Please don't pressure me. I'll do my best to finish your work earlier than you expected but refrain from asking me from time to time, especially if you're asking me to construct original stories or essays.

- Typographical errors are inevitable.

Estimated time to finish your requested tasks: 1 hour - onwards. Depending on its level of difficulty.

PAYMENT FIRST or HALF OF THE PAYMENT before I send the finished work. Works are covered in watermark if it is not yet paid.

I will be accepting revisions about the work within 24hrs only.

I have the right to refuse any clients or services if I find it exhausting or not within my capabilities.

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