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Junior Solidity Developer

The Web3 space continues to expand at unprecedented rates. Like the universe, pushing out in all directions. 
And somebody/something needs to fill this vacuous void. 
Step in the fastest growing Blockchain start-up in the past 4 years. That's right - faster than Coinbase, faster than any DeFi protocol. And they are looking to scale aggressively to service their clients.
We are looking for a number of Blockchain Engineers ranging from Lead/Senior to Entry level, with the aim of building out several dedicated teams. The below relates to an Junior/Entry level position. 
What will I be doing? Good question: 
Greenfield Smart Contract development working on digital primitives from the ground up with a Lead Engineer.
Hands-on development rather than theoretical learning.
Develop high-quality code that is maintainable, performance and accessible
Working with internal and external security teams for audits of new contracts and changes
What I need to smash this role out the park...
2+ years as a software engineer
Personal experience developing smart contracts
Degree in Comp Sci, Engineering or Mathematics
Strong desire to learn OOP languages
You and the EVM are have had a couple of dates and are getting familiar
But Thomas? I have these.. how can I stand out?
Always up to date with latest EIPS, practices and standards
Willingness to learn new languages, frameworks, and technologies
Tenacity to debug the challenging issues for long periods of time
If you are looking for a challenging but hugely rewarding role with a company that, in the past month, has increased valuation by 400% then look now further.
Drop me a message:
Telegram - @thomasbailey
Twitter - @thefinestbailey
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