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ERC721,1155 Smart contract developer is needed

We need a smart contract developer to develop a contract
- Contract should be Upgradeable
- Allows multiple NFT's (ERC1155) to be locked against another NFT (ERC721).
- When locking the ERC1155 it should have a vesting period (that can be set)
- When it's gone past the vesting period who ever owns the NFT (ERC721) is allowed to claim that 1155 token and have it come back to their wallet.
- Contract should support as well (for the owner of the ERC721) 
We need to develop a engineer urgently.

Senior COSMWASM Developer

We’re looking for a talented and motivated smart contract engineer who is interested in building a new cross-chain financial stack from the ground up.
What you will be doing:
Building a new cross-chain, cross-ecosystem financial stack through smart contracts, working with distributed systems, test networks.
Assuring reliability and security across the platform.
Writing and compiling the smart contracts across various blockchains.
Working closely with the teams across the Cosmos, Sui and Aptos, Near, as well as some EVM chains.
Desired skills:
Experience with CosmWasm, building DeFi products.
Experience with Rust
Fullstack Javascript
Experience with IBC
Experience with Solidity and ERC-X contracts, AMMs and other smart contracts on other blockchains.
Understanding of security pitfalls, vulnerabilities, mitigation strategies.
Experience deploying and maintaining smart contracts.
Understanding of basic cryptography, mechanism design, distributed systems.
A wealth of relevant experience within the blockchain world.