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Full stack developer for NFT gambling project

Tasks that need to be addressed at the moment: The project is preparing to launch the Devnet version. To launch it, all smart contracts must work correctly and return transactions, which is currently impossible.
The next task is to work on the front-end component of the site. It is necessary for Wheels of Fortune to give out the correct result on the front end. For example, if the blockchain part returns a win result in the form of x2, the user on the front-end part should see the same result. When a token in the form of a "key" is dropped on the front end, the user should receive this token to their wallet. Using this key, they can open Mystery boxes with NFTs from other projects. Each wheel of fortune corresponds to a mystery box. For example, in the steel wheel, you can get a steel key and a legendary key, each key corresponds to its own box. When the box is opened, the user can get the NFT and claim it to their wallet.
Each NFT is provided with a key that can be won in the wheel of fortune. Therefore, if NFTs in the boxes run out, it is impossible to win a key in the wheel of fortune.
At the moment, all smart contracts are written and the necessary probabilities are specified in them. Most of the tasks on the front-end have also been implemented. It is necessary to check the correctness of the operation of all smart contracts so that transactions can be safely carried out and users can play freely on the site. The next step is to fix errors on the front-end so that users can buy wheels, claim prizes, and Wheels of Fortune give out the correct win result, namely, when scrolling the wheel, x2 is dropped from the bet, which, for example, was 0.2 Solana, therefore, when the "Take" button is pressed, the user should receive 0.4 Solana. If a user gets a key, they should receive the corresponding token from the required mystery box.