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Smart Contract Update (Solidity)

The budget for this is $180. If it is not acceptable to you,do not proceed further.
I want to make changes to the attached experimental smart contract I am creating.
Here are my proposed updates:
When depositors decide to buy or sell RightsToken, the smart contract will implement an arbitrage to profit from the difference in prices. It will then use 66.666% of the profits to buy RightsToken.
Let the Yearly Average Value Calculation reset to zero after 365.25 days or 8766 hours.
Protecting the Token Price from Manipulation
To protect the token price from manipulation, we can implement dynamic fee and price impact restrictions for the RightsToken. This can be done by following these steps:
1. Implement a function in the smart contract that calculates the transaction fee based on the transaction size and slippage. The formula for calculating the fee is:
fee = (transaction size * slippage * dailyAverageFee) / 100
Here, transaction size represents the value of the transaction, slippage is the calculated slippage, and dailyAverageFee is the daily average fee of 0.00925925925925926%.
2. Implement a check in the smart contract to ensure that the transaction's impact on the token price remains within the desired limits. The maximum allowed price impact can be calculated using the formula:
maxPriceImpact = token supply * dailyPriceChangeLimit
Here, tokenSupply is the current supply of RightsToken, and dailyPriceChangeLimit is the desired limit of 0.00253504702% (daily).
3. Before executing a transaction, validate the fee and price impact. Compare the calculated fee against a minimum fee threshold to ensure it is economically viable. Also, compare the calculated price impact against the maximum allowed price impact. If either of these conditions is not met, revert the transaction and provide an appropriate error message.
4. The 33.333% of the fees will be distributed among token holders in proportion to their token deposits. Implement a function to calculate and distribute the fees periodically.
5. Include a mechanism that would reward long-term depositors and reset reward parameters when deposits are accessed.
6. Provide an option for users who want the smart contract to help them to buy or sell at the minimum fee.