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Flutter app (urgent job)

I have bought a quiz app code with backend from codecanyon.
And I would like it urging into a course with questions at the end of each section.
There will be e-mail login
Then choice of which course
Free (quiz) just a normal multiple choice quiz is fine
Level2 (paid)
Level 3 (paid)
These two you will have tact and images that you will read through with timed next buttons and tts (displayed like a slide show that can be edited in the back end (the data))
Then you will have 5 multi choice questions. (Have to get 100% to progress)
Then you will have morse text / images to read through and learn from same as before and then another 5 questions on that data.
And that will continue until the course is complete.
At the end of the course there will be a congratulations screen.
Then you enter your full name
E-mail contact number click next and then there will be a certificate made in the back end with your full name
Certificate number and the current date on it that the user can download and then a feed back section which will take them to the relivant App Store to leave feedback and will also go into a feed back section of the app.

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