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EOSIO Olympus DAO-like Project

Thank you for taking time to consider this application.
We are a team of EOSIO developers that require some additional staff to help with our project.
We are looking to build a system that has some similarities to Olympus DAO, and converting the Olympus DAO contracts, their functions, parameters and data structures to EOSIO (C++) is what we are first looking to do, as a functional working prototype.
So, this job is for:
Convertingthe Olympus DAO contracts ( to a working EOSIO (C++) model that can be deployed on any EOSIO chain (eg. Telos, EOS, WAX, Proton, FIO, Ultra )
Helping test and fix any issues with these contracts.
An ideal candidate would understand:
Non-deterministic principles of blockchain development
Ideally a developer who has forked Olympus DAO, or dived deep into the protocol and documentation:
Experienced with C++
Worked with, or understands the principles of EOSIO, including RAM and CPU.
Since we're aware that EOSIO is not as popular as Solidity, we would like any prospective candidates to answer these two questions to assure some basic understanding and principles:
What general steps would you take to program a piece of smart contract code as a solution that can distribute 10 ABC tokens to 100,000 user accounts listed in an EOSIO table to ensure the transfers succeed with so many users, despite the type of CPU limitations that EOSIO blockchains have?
What is the name of the EOSIO function that can check whether the transaction succeeded or not—and if the transaction doesn’t succeed, it will safely return ("rollback") to the original previous state?
PLEASE ANSWER THE ABOVE QUESTIONS!We will ONLY proceed further with candidates who can provide authentic, sufficient answers.

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