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Providing large amount of ETH faucet(All ETH Testnets)

If anyone need large amount of faucets, i will change for USD.
every 1 ETH = 1.5 USD
every 1 Goerli and Kovan ETH = 2 USD

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Looking for a NFT shiller for NFT Project

please read completely.
We're looking for a talented NFT shiller, who will help to manage, engage and grow users for our NFT project. 
the project is live right now. 
minting site:
opensea url:
 i need someone to shill my NFT collection. 
only 1 out of 10000 is minted and i need someone to shill my collection and work with me as a partner.
 I'll give you 5% of overall sale so if you are good at it and know what you are doing this is a golden shot for you and you can earn 6000$ and more...(depends on matic price). 
if you dont have any problem with work with me as a partner, show me some previus work please.
just for the double check, i cant pay you right now. if you sell the collection you will get 5% of overall sale(or any NFT that you sell)....more sale, more money for you
• Experience in shill NFTs
• Experience in NFT collections.
• Experience with Discord and Its bots management
• High level of attention to detail and ability to help grow community and brand awareness
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal (English)
Long-term project.

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