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cronos launchpad

contact us and let us discuss about your project about launchpad, bscpad, cronospad, ido pad etc

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Hello there, I would like to build a website+staking site on BSC or Polygon or Solana: - Deploy 1 token (e.g. $ARO) - Token Supply 100,000,000 - Token value pegged at $1 Stable Website Details: - Only admin wallet can open liquidity pools or staking pools - Admin wallet can add liquidity into pool using $ARO tokens - Admin wallet can set time limit for each pool (e.g. 2 weeks, 2 months) - Only $ARO Token can be used for staking on my website, single staking token, returns will be given in $ARO token. - Staking returns can be set by admin panel, i.e. 30% APY, 50% APY when starting pool - User is able to connect metamask wallet to website to approve staking / withdraw stake We can provide the design and website mockup UI, but will need help with website development and smart contract deployment. Can you let me know: - Cost for this + gas fees - Time needed to deploy website - Time needed to deploy smart contract Thank you - I can provide website domain and hosting

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