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Hello! I've more than 9 years dev experience. Last 4+ years with WEB, JS & Typescript, React & Angular apps. From Redux to Zustand and Recoil for the state management. CSS and UI Kit frameworks like Material UI, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Angular CDK. For 3D graphics effects in components and for background I've also used Three.js as is and with declarative wrappers like React Three Fiber. I'm using Recharts and Charts.js for building charts, diagrams and graphs. Moreover I've 5 years with Unity C# and stand-alone apps for mobile and desktop platforms. Also I'm experienced with shader writing, mesh animation, 3D mechanics, math and 3D behaviours interaction with UI e.g. map positioning. I'm a 3D modeler and designer in past and I understand everything about mesh optimization, creating textures and post processing. I believe in the advantages of 3D graphics for data visualization and using the third dimension to maximize the capacity of the view. Thank you for reading and hope it wasn't

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August 2022 – Current time
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Software Development Engineer
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Decentralized Financial data collecting and visualization. A several React projects and npm libraries on pure Javascript and Typescript The projects based on webpack build pipeline, used material-ui, recharts, react-hooks, sass, tailwind and data stream with swr based on microservices, eslint and prettier for code quality maintaining
June 2023 – Current time
Job title
WebGl Developer
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3d web viewer and coloborative tools based on React, Three.js and Poimandres ecosystem like Three Fiber, React Spring and Zoostand

Solit Clouds
January 2022 – July 2022
Job title
Software Development Engineer
Work experience & achievements

A large UI components library for usage in applications of the company and our clients. The library was based on Angular CDK and polymorphic templates to make components more multipurpose. We used webpack hooks in the project to automatically build the convenient documentation. Unit and integration tests coverage with karma, jasmine and angular cdk component test harnesses


State Technological University Msk
Graduation year: 2011
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Applied Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science