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I am a graduate of University of Nantes and a full-stack developer with over six years of freelancing experience. My skills include designing front ends in languages like React, developing back ends in languages like Node.js and Python, and integrating services and APIs like Stripe and Alchemy. I have worked with databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB and deployed apps to cloud service platforms like AWS and GCP and smart contracts and programs to blockchains like Ethereum and Solana.

Work experience

January 2022 – June 2023
Job title
Senior Full-stack Developer
Work experience & achievements

• Created Anybox’s recommendation system, from research to front-end implementation, now driving 9% of the total revenue. • Led the integration of a third-party provider, bringing a projected 1% additional revenue for 2022. • Developed a warehouse processing time-prediction model that helped raise checkout CVR by 1%. • Contributed to the customer-facing team, handling hundreds of thousands of sessions daily. Technologies: PHP, TypeScript, Angular, SCSS, HTML, Laravel, Vue 2, HTML5, eCommerce, Front-end, Full-stack, APIs, Web Development, Databases

September 2019 – December 2021
Job title
Backend Developer
Work experience & achievements

• Developed the back end of a system that manages and executes load tests. • Made RESTful API endpoints using JSON schemas to model and validate the input and output. • Set up the automatic generation of Swagger documentation for the API endpoints and database types based on JSON schema models. • Followed the behavior-driven development (BDD) methodology to make a fully-tested, documented back-end system and load test runner. • Made a system capable of interpreting load tests written in the Cucumber language, and the system itself was automatically tested with unit tests written in Cucumber. • Designed software to run load tests using a modified version of the Artillery JavaScript load testing library. • Used MongoDB as a database and integrated it using the MongoJS library. • Used a custom back-end framework built on top of Express.js to automate the execution of RESTful endpoints defined in JSON schemas. Technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, Async/Await, Promise, Load Testing, JSON/XML

Namtech Solutions Pte Ltd
May 2018 – June 2019
Job title
Front End Developer
Work experience & achievements

• Built an app for vehicle pricing that has been rolled out in more than 20 countries to monitor and price different types of vehicles. • Communicated with the team using Microsoft Teams and tracked and fixed bugs using Jira. • Headed the launch process, including rolling out the product in more than 20 countries. Technologies: JavaScript, React, Redux, CSS, HTML, HTML5, JSON, Git, Agile, Scrum, APIs, Web Development, Front-end, User Interface (UI), REST, Responsive Web Design (RWD), ECMAScript (ES6), UI Development, Storybook, REST APIs, Next.js, Jest, Code Architecture, Front-end Development, UI Components

August 2017 – April 2018
Job title
Web Developer
Work experience & achievements

• Designed and developed a client custom version of the Interview Guide Builder, a tool for creating interviews specific to job levels. • Built a customized version of the tool for clients such as American Express, Mercedes-Benz, Nomad Foods, Capitec • South Africa, and Societe Generale Hong Kong. • Improved how clients add new content to the tool by creating an Excel file that emulates the actual website allowing users to easily add, remove, or change content. Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, APIs, Web Development, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Git, HTML, CSS, Web, Databases


University of Nantes
Graduation year: 2023
Level of study
Major / Field of study
Information Technology
Nanyang Technological University
Graduation year: 2019
Level of study
Major / Field of study
Computer Science
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