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React Front-End Developer
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As a professional front-end developer with expertise in React.js and the Next.js framework, along with strong skills in JavaScript and TypeScript, I am excited to apply for the front-end developer position at your company. I am proficient in core front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JSON, and utilize multiple tools such as Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, MUI, and React Bootstrap to enhance website design. Additionally, I am an expert in using AJAX and jQuery to develop dynamic web applications, and possess advanced knowledge in using MongoDB, Redux, and Redux Toolkit to develop complex front-end applications. I also have experience in developing electronic admin dashboards using React.js and Next.js and regularly work with GitHub to manage versions and control source code. In summary, I am a professional front-end developer with strong technical skills and extensive experience in developing front-end applications, and I am excited to work in a stimulating en

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Soft Tech
July 2024 – February 2024
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React Front-End Developer
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Streamlined the development process through the efficient use of version control systems like Git. Maintained an organized file structure while working on projects, making it easier for team members to locate and edit code as needed. Improved website user experience by redesigning the interface and optimizing navigation Worked closely with UX/UI designers to translate complex designs into functional web pages without compromising aesthetics or usability. Maintained consistency in branding across multiple platforms by developing reusable UI components. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of front-end and back-end functionalities.


Zagazig University
Graduation year: 2018
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Commerce College