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---- Who is the happiest person? -----

He/She is one who are doing his/her favorite work.

This is why I selected the way of freelancing.

I had some choices to select a job when I graduated the university. But there was no job I can say "This is my best job!". So I decided to be a freelancer.

Freelancer! This is the best job!  

With freelancing, our ideas and skills aren't limited in some areas.

We can learn many many technologies and social skills with freelancing so we can see ourselves who are growing much faster than the other people who has the regular jobs.

Actually, I have full-skills as the followings with over 5 years of freelancing.

✅ NFT, Solidity, Smart contract, Web3.js

✅ ERC20, ERC721, ERC777, ERC1155

✅ React, Vue, Next, Nuxt, Node, Express

✅ Wordpress, Laravel, CodeIgniter

✅ MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis

✅ AWS, Git, Google Firebase, Moralis

✅ Figma

If I selected the regular job, I couldn't own many skills like these.

I am always seeking new and this is why my nickname is NEW.

Repeat is death!

This is my creed.

You can see new improvement in my each project so you will be satisfied for my work.

I am always ready for you!  

Welcome any contact at anytime!

Let's complete our project successfully holding our hands each other!

Best regards!

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