Brand Boards & Style Guides for Your Remote Team

It can be a nightmare keeping all your brand’s visuals, colors and fonts consistent, especially when you’re working with a remote team or virtual assistants. Brand boards and style guides ensure consistency across your brand’s visuals and keeps everyone on the same page. 

I can build your brand board from just a logo if that’s all you have, or I can organize all your current assets into a one page easy to share reference PDF that can be fired off to anyone you’re working with to ensure your brands visuals stay consistent no matter who you’re working with.  

Deliverables Include:

⎔  1 Web optimize brand board PDF

⎔  Your Logo & logo variations

⎔  Primary and secondary fonts (if applicable)

⎔  Color scheme in hex web code format

⎔ Usage examples and/or brand compatible mood board. 

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