Executive Virtual Assistant


I'm an experienced professional BPO Call Center Agent, Customer Service Representative, Virtual Assistant, Technical Support, Sales Agent, Email Support and Bank and Finance Support for almost 8 years now. My responsibilities included maintaining high scores (Quality of my performance, customers satisfaction and handling time). I worked closely with business account managers and specialists to help them provide the best possible service to customers. In addition, I helped people manage their time effectively by working on small portions of their everyday work.

Why hire me? Because I am good with what I do.  I am flexible that I can work at any given time, I work productively and diligently and I don't leave my job undone. I can provide an exceptional contribution to your company by just being your VA.

 I am looking for a full-time position. I am available to start anytime. I will work from home, I have a 15MBPS speed fibre internet connection, I have pocket wifi and there's an internet cafe near my house so power outage isn't going to be a problem for me. I have an ASUS laptop with i5 9th Gen processor, 15.0 HD LED LCD and 320 GB SSD. I am okay with whatever shift/schedule you need me to work. I can also work during weekends if needed.

In terms of career development, I know that this will be challenging initially in a way that it will involve me to apply things  that I've learned in my past work experiences and learn new things that will shape me into a more better employee. I always go beyond my employers' expectations as well as my own. In a couple of years, I aim to be promoted and to achieve more than just being a VA. As a single mom, I am looking forward to providing more for my daughter. I aim to have a balanced work-family time. My daughter is and always will be my motivation to work as hard as I can.

I am hardworking, punctual and have immense interest in the business world. Once provided with a task, I only rest after finishing it. I have the right attitude, combination of skills and importantly passion for business. I believe opportunity given is the only way to prove it besides my words. I am looking forward to working with you!

Fond regards,
Hazel Lusher

Terms of work
1 hour delivery
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