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've been working as a call center agent for over 5 years. I also have some skills in photo and video editing. For my 5 years of working in the BPO industry, I've been dealing with graveyard shifts. Despite that, I learned a lot of skills like: Call handling skills, sending a proper request on e-mail and responding on e-mails. I also learned to convert word documents to PDF files, Get some information on the websites. Experience in outbound call, searching on web, responding on inquiries.

My hobby is photography, I am able to edit photos and videos using adobe lightroom, photoshop, and premiere. I also have experience in data entry. I extract information from one excel or pdf file to another and compile it on an excel file. I can search on different kinds of websites. Like youtube, google, Pinterest, etc.

Aside from Adobe lightroom, photoshop, and premiere, I am also knowledgeable on Microsoft outlook, word documents, Google drive, google sheets etc. I hope my skills is enough to be able to get a good client. Thank you.

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