I will build nft smart contract, minting website

Hi everyone.

Here I am a senior blockchain developer who has been working for 5 years as blockchain developer, 7 years as web & mobile developer.

My Services


✓ Developing smart contracts using a Solidity programming language.

✓ Developing RPC using client libraries such as Web3.

✓ Static analysis of smart contracts for gas consumption and optimization using Remix IDE.

✓ Securing smart contracts using libraries like OpenZeppelin.

✓ Developing Ethereum dApps using the Truffle framework.

✓ Integration with crypto wallets such as Metamask.

✓ Deploying smart contracts on test networks such as ropsten/rinkeby as well as Ethereum



✓ SPL token deploy and NFT mint dapp using candy machine

✓ NFT marketplace using metaplex

✓ Custom contract writting in Rust

Hyperledger Fabric

✓ Developing Chaincode using the Go programming language.

✓ Developing proof of concepts using Hyperledger Composer.

✓ Integration with Fabric Java SDK.

✓ Creating RESTful APIs for client applications to communicate with the blockchain network.

✓ Creating channels, orderers, and peers.

✓ Deployment and instantiation of Chaincode on channels on cloud services like IBM Bluemix and Amazon AWS.

* NFT mint bot(ethereum, solana) development and product service

If anyone need my help, please DM, thanks in advance.

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Terms of work

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