I will debug all errors, bugs and issues in your flutter app

If you are having bugs/errors in your Flutter application and are not able to solve them on your own, I will be a perfect Flutter bug fixer and clean all the issues in your application. I will explain them to you so you don't face them again and can solve them on your own next time.

I have 2 years of experience with Flutter and have developed numerous complex apps for industries such as cinema, finance and health etc. I have come across numerous bugs and because of my experience with fixing them I can quickly identify them and get your app running.

Some examples of the type of bugs I can fix in your android and Flutter apps:

  • Flutter Layout Code
  • Gradle Build errors 
  • Firebase With Flutter Bugs
  • Logic and Algorithms
  • AndroidX compatibility
  • Errors in Pubspec.yaml
  • Image Picker Issues
  • Google Maps Issues
  • Flutter UI Fix
  • Flutter Animations
  • Flutter Navigation Fix
  • App Crashing Fix
  • Null Safety Errors
  • Flutter Version Upgrade

I am confident in my hard work and sincerity in doing projects and will certainly prove my worth.

Terms of work
24 hour delivery

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